Wind Farm

Plans for Green Technologies’ new wind farm were announced last month. Inspiration came from the chairman Alan Green, who decided that his company needed to do more to provide renewable energy to Scottish homes. Money for the project was raised by the Board of Directors, who kindly gave back their yearly bonuses to the company.

Some of the blueprints for the wind turbines are shown below.

Picture 1 - Side view of wind turbine showing concrete foundations

PIcture 2 - Front view of turbine blades showing turning direction in wind

When the wind rises above 8mph the blades of the turbine begin to turn (picture 2). This generates electricity that is fed through electrical cables and into the power grid. This electricity can then be used in homes, businesses and factories. The higher the wind speed, the more power is generated. If the wind becomes too strong then the blades are automatically stopped by a safety mechanism.

Each of the wind turbines has an average power output of around 2.5MW, and emits no greenhouse gas. This makes wind power one of the cleanest energy sources available, and very cheap to run. It also used no fossil fuels, such as coal, oil or gas.